Occasionally, AmTote International, Inc. (“AmTote”) is contacted by outside individuals who are interested in submitting unsolicited inventions, ideas and/or suggestions (“Submissions”) in all stages of development for AmTote to consider. While AmTote may be willing to review your submission, it is AmTote’s policy that all inventions, ideas and/or suggestions submitted to AmTote are considered to be unsolicited unless they are preceded by the execution of a formal agreement between the submitter, be it an individual or other business entity (“Submitter”), and AmTote, by an officer who has been duly appointed to enter into such an agreement.

Often times these Submissions are not new and have already been considered by AmTote’s own engineers/employees or they may even currently be under development by AmTote. Because of this and in order to avoid disagreements now and in the future, AmTote requires all submitters to read and agree to the following terms and conditions and additionally to execute this agreement and attach it to any and all Submissions.

If you believe that your idea is patentable or if you have any questions relating to the patentability of your Submission, we recommend that you consult with a patent attorney prior to presenting your Submission to AmTote. Patented ideas will be considered only with the understanding that the Submitter agrees to rely, for protection, wholly on such rights as exist under the patent laws of the United States.

You desire to submit your invention, idea or suggestion (“Submission”) freely to AmTote and your Submission to AmTote is made voluntarily and unsolicited and creates no confidential relationship with AmTote and no obligation (express, implied, assumed or otherwise) on its part. Since your Submission is not made in confidence and creates no confidential relationship, AmTote is not required to hold any information relating to your Submission in confidence.

You hereby represent and warrant that your Submission is your sole property and that no third party has any right, title, claim or interest therein or thereto and that you are under no obligation of confidentiality to any third party with respect to your Submission. You also hereby agree to save and hold AmTote harmless from any and all claims by any third party with respect to the receipt of your Submission by AmTote.

You acknowledge and agree that AmTote may have already discovered or developed the subject matter of your Submission independently or may be doing so at this time. Any submission to AmTote will not create for you any claim or right to AmTote’s intellectual property or products and that AmTote is free to develop products, ideas, patents, and inventions relating to suggestions made here without any obligation to you.

You agree that you will not disclose to anyone that AmTote is potentially reviewing your invention/idea, and you will not use AmTote’s name in any way without express written permission from AmTote.

You acknowledge and agree that AmTote will only give such consideration as we deem necessary to your Submission and we will be under no obligation to reveal our activity pertaining to this, or the details of our consideration of it. In the event that both parties later decide to create a relationship, a formal written contract containing the entire agreement between both parties must be negotiated and executed.

You acknowledge and agree that AmTote’s agreeing to potentially review your invention/idea there is no agreement to compensate being entered into by AmTote. Additionally, acceptance of this document releases AmTote from any obligation or liability with respect to any information submitted by you.

You hereby agree that if AmTote reviews your Submission and decides that it is interested in your invention/idea you will negotiate with AmTote for the rights thereto. In the event that AmTote decides that it is not interested, AmTote has no obligation to inform you if its decision or of the reasons for its decision.

This Agreement may not be modified or waived, unless such modification or waiver is expressed in a writing signed by authorized representatives of both parties.

All of the above terms and conditions apply to any and all information that you, the Submitter, may provide to AmTote regarding your Submission including any disclosures you may have made to AmTote prior to this Agreement.

Complete submission policy and forms in PDF format.


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