Spectrum® Software Suite


AmTote’s Spectrum® Software Suite is anchored by the industry’s most reliable, powerful, extensible, scalable, and globally integrated backend system – the Spectrum® System.  The Spectrum® System supports comprehensive pari-mutuel & fixed-odds wagering models on a single backend platform, while integrated with the world’s major racing & sports wagering operators.  The Spectrum® System is a true 64-bit platform that boasts virtually unlimited cash (Ticket) & account (Advanced Deposit) wagering capacities and channels, and nearly 24-hour (23:59) daily operations capability.  The Spectrum® Software Suite also supports third-party guest and host application interfaces via its industry leading Software Development Kits (SDK) leveraging a robust Gateway Web Services (GWS) API , informational feeds (display & transactional audit feeds), and the AmTote Foreign Gateway (AFG) that connects to numerous foreign system transactional hosts with custom interfaces (i.e. financial systems, wagering systems).  The Suite also includes AmTote-proprietary wagering applications that are utilized on AmTote's terminal hardware , mobile betting applications , and batch file betting application.



  • System-wide benchmark at 70,000+ transactions/second
  • Wagering application interfaces supporting 2,000 bets/second
  • 75,000+ simultaneous books (fixed odds / sports)

  • 5,000 maximum propositions per book (fixed odds / sports)

  • 450,000+ propositions (fixed odds / sports)

  • 7 second final cycle and odds
  • Up-time over 99.99998%
  • Multi-currency and multi-language capabilities





  • Pari-mutuel wagering
  • Fixed-odds wagering
  • Historical horse racing games
  • Fantasy sports
  • Handicapping contests
  • Web services interfaces
  • ADW with multi-operator/channel integration
  • Dynamic bet intercepts for Book Management (fixed odds / sports)




AmTote has the most comprehensive list of global operators it has integrated with over the past decade, including the world’s major racing operators.  In doing so, AmTote has developed the Spectrum® Software Suite to support the standard and exotic wagers offered by the respective global racing operators, utilizing both industry standard interface protocols and custom operator interface protocols.  This includes host and guest operators in:

Hong Kong
Ireland Greyhounds (Bord na gCon - Irish Greyhound Board)
Ireland Horses - Tote Ireland
Latin America Racing Channel (LARC)
Mexico City
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
Singapore Turf Club
South Africa
South Korea
UK Greyhound
UK Tote Horses


Open system interfaces

AmTote's ongoing commitment to developing and maintaining state-of-the-art, open-system interfaces has resulted in the industry's most robust tote systems interface, the Gateway Web Services (“GWS”) platform, and, more recently, the AmTote Foreign Systems Gateway (“AFG”).  These platforms provide rapid and complete integration for third-parties utilizing both account and cash-based wagering applications.

New wagering channels

 As AmTote has continued its transformation from “traditional tote company” to racing and gaming technology company, operators can capitalize on the newly integrated products that AmTote brings to the pari-mutuel and fixed-odds sectors in sports and racing, and in the gaming sector.

Historical Racing (PariMAX™) Gaming, Pari-Mutuel Fantasy Sports, traditional pari-mutuel wagering, fixed odds wagering on sports and racing, are all operated from the AmTote Spectrum® System.